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I recently finished a commission for collectors in Aspen. The artwork consists of 10 panels. Each individual work is made on an original French sewing pattern. The patterns I chose had angular, sharp diagonal lines to reflect the angles of the mountains. My work borrows theories of cubism, where masters like Picasso and Braque strived to paint pictures where the subject was depicted in 3-Dimensional forms. They believed that life is not static, and movement is an everyday phenomenon. Patterns do exactly that – they give the viewer the whole picture – the front, back, side, top and bottom of a garment. The mountain range is still, however the fantasy is to fly all over Aspen, and therefore this work narrates a feeling of how I transported myself and flew over Aspen where I had multiple views of the mountain range. For commissions Contact



A 4-page spread in the November issue of HUF Magazine. Thank you HUF. To purchase visit


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