Anansi Tales is published in a signed, numbered limited series of 15 copies, hand-bound by designer bookbinder Manuel Mazzotti. The foreword is written by award winning writer and poet Nancy Campbell.

Each book is unique, hand made on bespoke Savile Row tailoring patterns ensuring each number in the series is an original creation.


Box: L: 44, W: 62.5, D: 3.5 cm (The box when opened is 128 cm in width)
Book: L: 41.5, W: 60, D: 1.75 cm (The book when opened is 120.5 cm in width)


Each page of the book is a cut out of an original bespoke tailoring pattern on which the images are first printed (inkjet). The tailor’s imprint of chalk marks, lines, darts, and other markings become an integral part of the image. A response to these and the image is made by further cutting sections and under-layering with coloured paper and acetate, or adhering new material over the image to create original cut out illustrations. Each book will be an authentic number as the patterns are all cut differently for different men, and the response will accordingly make each artwork unique in its own right.


Each page is bound in sections held in place with invisible strips of 46gsm Japanese paper, hand-tinted with a pigmented acrylic wash to mirror the texture of the brown paper pattern. The outer case of the book is composed of 2.8mm millboard covered with grey Corfe Windsor bookcloth. The book opens from the centre – i.e. two tray drop back body on either side. The front boards are decorated with paired pictorial blocking in black foil.


The clamshell box is constructed from 2.8mm millboard covered with Corfe and Bishop Windsor bookcloth, with the book’s title embossed on the upper lid in black foil. The interior is lined with Charbon Suede.

The adhesive used for creating the artworks, book and box is a conservation grade EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate).

5 numbers are sold. For enquiries and availabilities of Anansi Tales contact