A collection of figurative works (2014-2016) made on original brown paper bespoke Savile Row tailoring patterns. The tailor’s imprint of lines, chalk marks, dots, measurements and notes in pen and pencil become integral parts of the artwork. The collection comprises of works from the Klaus Nomi series to fashionista Anna Piaggi to eccentric Tweed clad gentleman on cycles to portraits of artist Frida Kahlo. Perhaps resembling characters from the Nutcracker ballet. The key influences are Audrey Beardsley and Etre heavily influenced by the Art Deco period.

The collection also features the Oscar Hodgepodge series where sounds of well-heeled footsteps on cobblestone punctuated by the clicking point of a rolled umbrella evoke in Narielwalla a mist of tenuously attributed nostalgia. Collecting fragmented memories of old films, people and places, the mist condenses to find form in a particular gentleman, Mr. Oscar Hodgepodge, who totters awkwardly between memory and imagination in the mind of an artist born in Bombay now seeking his identity in London.