Two words side by side that make an indelible impression on all who hear them. Children may see flowers pretty and peculiar. Men see mother, mouthwatering and mysterious. Women see themselves flattened, flattered or flaunted. The space around Narielwalla’s bold collages invites the individual imagination of the viewer to blossom. He breathes life into women's lingerie patterns from 1970's London; all too often left orphaned by deceased gentlemen whose shrunken shanks have no need for fabric. Freed from function tailoring patterns are drawings ahead of their time; anthropomorphic in origin and beautifully abstract in isolation. This is an artist who hasn't touched this particular muse since birth yet like any man cannot resist but return to the grip of those lips that first spoke his name.

The works were exhibited at a solo show in London and Channel 4 interviewed Narielwalla to discuss the series on their 4thoughtTV program.