Releasing New Work – God Save The Queen

I had some rather amazing personal news – I’ve been granted Citizenship to the UK and I am now officially a subject to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The visual artwork in three colours – Red, Black and Royal Blue is a relief print block of a women’s dress sewing pattern that resembles the portrait of The Queen printed on original bespoke Savile Row tailoring patterns, which is quintessentially English. The physical Savile Row patterns mainly belongs to Lords, Military personnel and other tittle holders, predominantly men, all subjects to Her Majesty. On top of all so powerful men there is Her Majesty – The Queen. The entirety of the artwork explores the notion of British stamps. The stamps also signify identity, travel, and form of currency.

36 hand made relief prints in letterpress oil based ink on original bespoke tailoring patterns with gold paint stencil on off white 300 gsm paper. I choose 36 as that is my age when I was granted citizenship.

Each work is made to order and takes up to 6 weeks to complete and ship.