Rock, Paper, Scissors, 2020

Edition: 100

Artist’s book published by EMH Arts of Eagle Gallery, bound by Master Bookbinder Manuel Mazzotti of Mazzotti Books.

Dimensions: L: 18 x W: 11.5 x D: 3 cms

Print Dimensions
L: 87.0 x W: 110 cms x 2 printed sheets
L: 17.4 x W: 33 cms x 3 printed sheets
L: 17.4 x W: 11 cms x 2 printed sheet

Graphics: Kieran McGlone
Introduction: Emma Hill

Rock, Paper, Scissors is a response to Barbara Hepworth’s sculpture and recollections of her garden in St. Ives. The book is shortlisted for the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize, 2020. The bookwork along with an original collage is part of the Eagle Gallery Archive in the Tate Collection.