Sky in a Box, 2019

Edition: 5 (+ 1 A/P)

Unique artist’s book placed in a box bound by Master Bookbinder Manuel Mazzotti of Mazzotti Books.

Dimensions: Box: 81cm x 63 cm x 4cm; Book: 77 cm x 61 cm x 2.15 cm (when flat: 152 cm x 121 cm)

Unique artist’s book referencing James Turrell’s Skyspaces exploring the notion of bringing the physicality of the sky into an interior space. The bookwork comprises of sections of hand coloured clouds placed on tailoring patterns constructed into a large sheet of paper lined with archival map support cotton. The cover of the book and clamshell box is created using millboard covered with Brillianta book cloth. The box title is debossed with copper foil and the inside of the box is lined suede.