The Savile Row Cutter

The Savile Row Cutter, 2011

240 pages, hardback

Published by Bene Factum Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-903071-33-5
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Book release: The Savile Row Cutter

The professional life of one of Savile Row’s best known characters has been captured in this book. Now Chairman of Dege & Skinner and a Master Cutter, Michael Skinner’s career started in 1952 when he joined the family firm as an 18 year old and he has since trained a great number of the bespoke tailors currently plying their trade on the Row. Told through his craft – tailoring patterns and written ‘in conversation’ with Michael, the book provides a fascinating insight into the life and work of a Master Tailor who has been at the forefront of bespoke tailoring for more than 50 years.