The Creation – An Art Carpet Collaboration by Artist Hormazd Narielwalla, Essie Carpets and ACC Art, London

One of the world’s most prominent carpet experts and dealers, Essie Sakhai of Essie Carpets, in association with art advisor Astrid-Caroline Cole of ACC ART, release the first art carpet – The Creation – in their collaboration with British Indian artist Hormazd Narielwalla. Under the supervision of Essie Sakhai, the hand-knotted carpet was woven to a dimension of 170 x 134 cms with three shifts per day, whereby it was possible to shorten the time of completion from around two years to just over nine months.

The Creation signifies “the action or process of bringing something into existence” and depicts a geometric abstraction of one of Narielwalla’s distinctive collages in a bright orange, framed by a monochromatic border and offset against a beige background quintessentially mimicking the background colour of the antique patterns the artist uses as source materials.

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Film and Music – Kieran McGlone