The Mesopotamian Maze No.1, 2017

L: 80 x W: 40 cm

Limited edition: 35 (5 Artist Proofs, 5 Publishers Proofs)

This bold new pair of lithographs by Hormazd Narielwalla launched at the London Original Print Fair by Paupers Press Fine Art Publishers, draw together diverse cultural influences to celebrate the body and consider its presentation across the history of art. Narielwalla’s work builds on Cubism to radically reinterpret the human form through the paper fashion templates of the modern era. In The Mesopotamian Maze the artist turns his gaze to the more distant past: an ancient terracotta figure in the British Museum collections, sculpted by an unknown hand. The voluptuous forms of this prehistoric fertility goddess are a powerful antecedent for the abstract patterns that were the template for 20th-century femininity, and the proud sexuality of modern woman.

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